How To Check Sim Card Registration Status Using USSD Code

Check Sim Card Registration Status: The most Effective Method Using USSD Code

How To Check My Sim Card Registration Status In All Network

How to check my sim card enlistment/registration status is the thing that I need to impart to all of you, It of incredible significance registering your sim card paying little mind to the notice from NCC. 

It was noticed that more than 9 million sim cards were unregistered and NCC provided a request for the obstructing of such sim cards. 

In other not to fall casualty, you should take a stab at checking your sim registration status to know if its completely enlisted, in light of the fact that on most occasions in the wake of going through the ordinary cycle of registering a sim, it might likely turn out not to be registered.

You have seen a couple of people with the instance of sim registration disappointment strikingly composed on the screen of his/her telephone. 

To keep away from such a scenario, attempt to check your sim card enlistment status in this helpful manner. 

The methods to Check Sim Card Registration Status. 

I will list all the media transmission organizations( telecommunication company) and how to check their sim registration status without stress. 

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Every one of the organizations has their own USSD code for checking the registration status which goes with my salutary message or mandate message on the means to take as to get your sim card enrolled. 

How to check sim Registration status on MTN sim card 

Kindly dial *789*1≠ or text Reg to 789. Which you will get a message in your inbox, it peruses – Dear Subscriber, Thank you for checking your status, your record data shouldn't be updated. 

Which implies your sim card is registered. 

How to Check Sim Card Registration Status on Globacom. 

Glo which is an indigenous telecommunication company has a simple method of checking sim registration status. 

All you require to do is to message Reg to746 or 3456. That is all and you ought to get an answer right away. 

An answer that should resemble this "Your Sim 234xxxx87654 has been registered" Thank You. Which implies your sim is enlisted. 

How to check sim card registration status on 9mobile ( Etisalat) sim card 

Just dial 746 or 200 with your 9mobile line and tune in to the voice order to know if your sim is enrolled. 

How to check sim registration status on airtel sim card 

To check sim card registration status on Airtel, just dial *746≠ and you are a great idea to go. 

Wrapping It Up.

How to check sim registration status is certifiably not a serious deal yet it's hard on the off chance that you don't think about it, and it's very critical to check your sim registration status to stay away from been impeded. 

Thus, on the off chance that you find your sim isn't enrolled, at that point you should visit one of the closest sim enlistment focus and get your sim card enrolled.

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