Phone Not Charging When Plugged In: Possible Causes And Fix


Phone Not Charging When Plugged In: Possible Causes And Fix

Phone not charging when plugged in, could arise from many negligible issues and can be so frustrating to watch your phone battery drain fast while plugged into a power source.

Android won't charge and as such many is been left in a distressed state, you know how committed you are to your smartphone and when it starts having issues, especially when your mobile phone battery won’t charge.

Like myself, I think my smartphone is my wisest friend that I so much love irrespective of how time-consuming it could seem.

So my Android tablet won’t charge, should I get worried about it since I feel the phone is spoilt already?

Many times, issues like this could be DIY (Do It Yourself), but we feel is a bogus fault that has eaten deep into our phone software.

Well, there is nothing to get nosy about, because we are looking into a few things that may possibly get the issues solved in no time.

Why Is My Phone Not Charging Fast?

Why isn’t your phone charging or charging fast? You have checked the charging port and have discovered the port to be faultless and intact, but yet your phone battery isn’t charging when plugged in.

There is no specific reason why your phone isn’t charging. The reasons are vast and you are advised to check them out one after the other.

But in regards to your phone not charging fast, does your phone support fast charge technology like modern smartphones?

If NO, why worry, or perhaps the phone is been charging faster than its acting now without the fast charge technology, well the problem could also emanate from the same source as the phone not charging when plugged in. So therefore we are taking some steps to tackle the issue of the battery and the phone not charging.

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But wait, have you ever plugged your phone overnight expecting to see a fully charged phone only to see in the morning that the phone is off. *isshhh*

That's frustration at its peak, and it’s unbearable.

What To Do If Phone Battery Is Not Charging.

What to do if phone battery is not charging
Phone Battery is not charging

When your phone battery stops charging, it could mean that it has fault which could be from anywhere within the phone system. we are going to be discussing it in a short while as we are suggesting a solution to the battery suddenly not charging.

But do you know that most times the phone could be charging but not adding percentage, which happens to be the worst of it all and most technicians will think the battery is faulty? Though we can't say because the faulty battery is part of the many causes of the battery not charging.

Causes And Possible Fix Of Mobile Phone Battery Not Charging

Cause #1

Dust In The Charging Port.

Sometimes ordinary debris (dust), could be the cause of this whole issue that may lead you to spend huge some in repairing the phone.

Dust could possibly stop your phone from charging even when the current is bright and you have a reliable USB charging cable and good wall-socket.


Clean Dust In The Charging Port.

To fix this part of the phone not charging when plugged in, pick a needle or tiny brush to scrub the charging port if it partially or dirty.

A dirty charging port won’t be able to permit charging due to partial contact in the port that’s fostered by dust or debris.

Cause #2

Not Charging From Right Source.

Not charging from the right source could cause your phone not to charge fast or even charge at all. This particular issue emanates from a faulty power supply (Socket/extension wire).


Charge From Right Source.

Having issues like this, then you need to compare and contrast if possible and even ask yourself some questions like does this it charge on other sources while it doesn’t charge on others?

If yes, is your answer. You should endeavor to change the power source and charge from the right source, you should have your issue solved, otherwise check the third fix.

Cause #3

Phone Software Outdated.

Some phone manufacturing can be very mean when it comes to phone software, outdated phone software can cause lagging in the mobile which can automatically stop the phone from charging and other unnoticeable faults that may render your phone useless in the long run.


Update Phone Software.

Updating your smartphone software can possibly solve the issue of charging because when phone software becomes outdated it starts acting slow and affect the smooth functioning of the operating system.

So, endeavor to update your phone software to the latest version to see if it will solve the problem.

Cause #4

Data/USB Cord

A faulty USB cord can affect or stop smartphones from charging, it normally starts from charging the phone slowly to temporal or permanent seize in charging of the phone.


Change Data/USB Cord

Changing or trying a different Data/USB cable may solve the problem of the battery not charging.

A faulty cord can possibly disrupt the smooth charging of a mobile phone, so be sure the cord is okay.

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Cause #5

Phone Is Wet

Most times people tend to be careless in the handling of their smartphones, I have seen lots of guys mishandling phones and thereby exposing it to water.

When water makes contact with your phone and it touches the vital place, it may possibly damage the phone or even stop the phone from charging smoothly.


Dry The Phone

You should dry your phone each time it makes contact with water before getting to charge it to avoid internal damages that is far beyond charging the battery and the likes.

And always keep your phone far away from a humid environment to avoid rusting of the metallic parts like the charging port and earpiece jack.

So be sure to dry the phone properly whenever it makes contact with water before using it or even plugging it into the light.

Cause #6


a faulty battery could result in the phone not charging, batteries don't last because they also have lifecycle that they can't exceed or bypass so long you are using it.

while it may sometimes stop working totally, it can also stop charging when it can no longer retain power for later supply.


Replace battery

just replace the battery with a new one, and the problem is solved.

Visit carlcare Service Center

You have tried all the above-listed fix and yet you couldn’t fix the problem, or maybe you don’t have the right tools at your disposal?

No hope is lost, as you can reach out to carlcare service center with well-trained technicians with years of experience.

Every phone producing company has carlcare service center all over the country and states with their app pre-installed for you to locate the nearest carlcare service.

And in most cases, their services are free if the issues happens to be minor ones.



It’s an amazing experience dealing with quality smartphones(Android), but it can be heartbreaking to face some appalling situation with the phone ranging from minor to bogus faults.

Trying any of the above fixes won’t in any way hurts your phone so free feel to get your smartphone minor issue fixed independently.

I want to assume your reason for been here is satisfied, and I will be glad to hear your testimonies in the comment box. Questions are also welcome.








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