What To Check When Buying A New Phone: Features To Look For In A Phone.


what to check when buying a new phone

What To Check When Buying A New Phone

When buying a new phone, I mean smartphones because that is the trending phone for all. There are features you should look into before buying a phone, though I know too well that different persons have different choices to make when it comes to buying of Phone.

In general, thinking of the individual choices doesn’t really need to be observed as some may end up been hurt in the choices they already made when buying a new phone without proper research.

So in this article, I am going to be discussing on what to check before buying a new phone that won’t offer less than you expected or turn out to be a bone in the neck or should I say throat?

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Oh well, that shouldn’t be a case as we are set to list or outline the vital features to look out for before getting a new phone.

Questions To Ask When Buying A New Phone.

Questions to ask when buying a new phone

When buying a new phone there are many questions to ask yourself  without minding the fact that you do need the mobile phone for some certain reasons best known to you.

So what to ask when getting a new phone shouldn’t be a strange question, as it an easy and strategic question that helps the buyer in making the right choice.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before buying a new phone.


1.     Do You really need a phone?

2.     What task do you intend to use the phone to perform?

3.     How smart are you technology-wise?

4.     How Extremely careful are you with phone

5.     What is your Budget for the new phone.

6.     Which brand of the phone should you use?

7.     How durable is the phone?

8.     What size of the phone is best for you?

9.     How fast is the phone in terms of the processor?

What To Ask When Getting A New Phone.

What to ask when getting a new phone shouldn’t be different from the above questions as they all mean the same thing.

Otherwise, you are waiting to see something else, if not try satisfying the above questions and be sure you are able to answer at least six of them correctly. Then you can be sure of getting good for that is worth your budget if not above it.

How To Check The Right phone.

To check the right phone, necessarily doesn’t mean buying the best phone in the market, because the best phones tend to be most expensive.

But we have seen a ton of amazing phones that are way cheaper than their look and processing ability.

The right phone is simply the one that meets the spec you desire in a smartphone and not the cost of buying it.

So make sure to look through and comprehend what to check when buying a new phone to avoid taking a brainless (weaker) phone home.

Things To Check Before Buying A New Phone.

There are features to look for when buying a new phone. If the phone you are buying meetup then you should consider buying the phone as the price doesn’t really matter.

The following are the features to look for; when buying a new phone from any of the stores or online.

1.     RAM –  Random-access Memory, work in conjunction with the phone processor to give you a smooth experience in terms of speed, I personally take this to be the first thing to consider due to the kind of tasks I expose my phone to; they are called smartphones, right?

I expect them to be smart by giving me a fast and enjoyable experience without lagging when operating or even playing games of my choice. There are tasks that cause the phone to lag when you have low ram like 1G or even 2GB these days.


2.     BATTERY-  This is the second thing to check when buying a new phone, as a Nigeria living in a rural area, demands you get a phone with a good battery automatically without been told.


I’m a fan of big battery because I don’t ever want to get cut-up in a ‘low battery’ saga when enjoying my games or surfing the internet.


I am liking the technological advancement in most of the phone producing companies worldwide. There upgrade in battery Mah lately.

For me, I love nothing less than 5000 mah of battery capacity phone, and wait! Are you thinking am comfortable with that capacity alone?

You know, I can’t wait for like forever before having my phone fully charged for me to go back to my initial activity.

Then what are my saying in essence? The phone should have fast charge technology to enable my 5000mah capacity phone charged in less than 2hrs from the time of plugin it to power source.

3.     STORAGE- another thing you should check when buying a phone is the storage capacity.

If you are conversant with android smartphone, you should have in one way or the other experience that pissing notification about memory space getting low.

In the earlier years of phone introduction to the country, it happens that we are comfortable with the memory sizes of the phones been sold to us, imagine phone space of Nokia phone been 12MB only. Damn, what can that even store for you?

For me, I love phones with big memory space that can serve me better in the storage of media or applications.

So I rather go for a phone memory size that isn’t lower than 64GB of memory size or even higher.

4.     CAMERA- this part of the things to check before getting a new phone is left for photo lovers, be it male or female gender don’t really matter when it comes to snapshots.

Amazing cameras automatically beautifies the look  of your phone both online and offline, as it exceptionally shows you are using a better phone when you upload pictures on social media.

Elegant looks on pictures really matters, and most times I personally do take pictures of my document instead of going to cybercaf√© to scan them for a token, isn’t that cool already?

A good camera is worth considering before getting a new phone.

5.     USER INTERFACE-  another feature to lookout before getting a new phone is the user interface.

Is the phone user friendly or too technical to use as an average gadget freak or it’s just not it?

Well, a phone with a good user interface is one of the best to patronize because it all adds to the beauty of the smartphone.

6.     PROCESSOR- referring back to the first thing to check before getting a new phone, we mentioned Ram.

And Ram works in hands with the processor to speed the phone working ability to avoid lagging.

Ever played a video game or multi-task then get hooked by the lagging nature of the smartphone?

They are caused by the low Ram size and the poor processor of the smartphone respectively.



The thing to check before getting a new phone are numerous, but if you chose to observe all of them, you will end up not getting a phone to use because every phone has one thing they lack.

But the above-outlined features, are a must to observe before getting a new phone for yourself.

It doesn’t really cost a million to buy a better phone but your knowledge or awareness of the kind of phone you need.

And it isn’t about brand names, but the power of the specific phone you desire to get for yourself.

Go through the spec online or read from the carton to see for yourself all you expect of the phone as the case may be.





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